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SupportersProspective Volunteer Positions & Descriptions

If you believe God is leading you to become a part of this ministry, we gladly welcome you to join us! Please peruse the list of possibilities and openings below and email us or give us a call:

A small group of intercessors meets monthly for about 90 minutes at Lighthouse Pregnancy Center to pray for Gunnison valley. If you would like to learn more about this vital ministry, please email us at and we will put you in touch with our Valley Prayer coordinator. Thank you!


We are always looking for more receptionists, client advocates, and men mentors. Receptionists must complete three hours of training, offered on an “as needed” basis. Client advocates and men mentors must complete about twelve hours of training and purchase and read the Equipped to Serve manual. The trainings are generally offered twice each year.

Client advocates must have the ability to truthfully mentor clients by employing good listening skills, must have a thorough knowledge of Lighthouse and community resources (we have a community resource manual), and must work closely with the Lighthouse director in managing pregnancy tests (we use a self-testing model). Advocates are responsible for careful and accurate documentation of information, managing appointments, and arranging lessons with Earn While You Learn clients. (always open)

Receptionists are responsible for greeting clients and visitors at Lighthouse and answering the phone, directing calls, assisting with computer entry, filing, and managing copies of the Earn While You Learn curriculum and other forms. (always open)

Men mentors must have the ability to truthfully mentor the partners/husbands of women clients by employing good listening skills, and must have a thorough knowledge of Lighthouse and community resources. Mentors will be contacted by Lighthouse as mentoring needs arise. (always open)

Client Services director: Works with the Lighthouse director to select possible volunteers and arranges training seminars; develops and maintains all volunteer packets and scheduling; develops and maintains client advocate folders for use with clients; oversees record keeping of clients by client advocates, including effective follow-up. (filled)

Media specialist: Coordinates all social media communication and develops local print advertising. (open)

Advertising distribution: Keeps all fliers/brochures/posters replenished in local offices, businesses, and other pertinent locations. (filled)

Intercessors:  Pray for requests received from the prayer director, and gather to meet with others for prayer if time/scheduling allow. (always open)

Volunteer coordinator:  Recruits and coordinates volunteers as needed for a variety of occasional short-term or event-oriented needs such as worker assistance for fund-raisers, community meals, donation sorting, etc. (open)

Volunteers: Individuals who are interested in helping with a variety of occasional short-term or event-oriented needs such as worker assistance for fund-raisers, staff training meals, donation sorting, etc. (always open)

Inventory manager: Keeps the office stocked with all necessary administrative supplies, pamphlets and other educational print information, and pregnancy tests. Keeps all office equipment in good working order by arranging for necessary cleanings and repairs. (filled)

Grounds and Maintenance manager: Handles all needs related to grounds and facility maintenance. (filled)

Bookkeeper: Deposits all checks and pays bills for Lighthouse using the Quickbooks program. (filled)

Baby Store manager: Determines items to be carried in the Baby Store including their prices. Keeps items inventoried and stocked, including the baby baskets given to those women, upon the birth of their babies, who have actively participated in the EWYL program. Notifies advertising director of any specific item needs, to be posted on the Lighthouse and LFM websites. Purchases needed items as Lighthouse budget allows. (filled)

Church liaisons: Work with the Lighthouse director to keep their respective congregations informed about Lighthouse’s progress and needs. (some openings)

Abortion Recovery program director: Organizes and conducts abortion recovery Bible study program: Surrendering the Secret. (open)

“Get Real” program director: Organizes and conducts high school and college clubs on sexual risk avoidance training and education. (filled)

Project 29:11 coordinator: Organizes and conducts informational meetings and information for Christians interested in foster care, foster-to-adopt, respite care, CASA or other mentor volunteering. (filled)