Valley Prayer.

Prayer moves the Holy Spirit. We are stronger when we pray together.



The mission of Valley Prayer is to bring the Gunnison Valley Body of Christ into oneness with Christ and with each other, according to John 17:21, through prayer for Holy Spirit conviction, restoration, and sanctification so that valley residents may believe that Jesus came to bring salvation and the fullness of life to all who receive Him.


That local believers, united in Christ, in love, in joy, and in common purpose would, according to 1 John 1:7, work together as the hands and feet of Jesus to serve Gunnison Valley residents, bringing them hope and the revelation of His goodness and love, leading many into a personal relationship with Him.


FACEBOOK                                                                                                                           Join our Facebook group called Gunnison Valley Prayer United. To ensure we are in agreement in our prayers for this community, you will be prompted to pray for a specific area of the community each day of the work week: The Church, Families, Education, Government, and Businesses/Media/Entertainment.



We meet to pray each Wednesday from noon to 1pm. Please email us at for our current location.


We meet the 4th (not last) Sunday evening of each month for praise, worship, and prayer from 6pm-7pm at Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries, 1040 Highway 135.


We are seeking a man who feels called to lead a prayer ministry specifically for men. If you believe God is calling you, please contact us at

 “The fervent and effectual prayers of the righteous avail much.”

James 5:16b