Let's walk, run or ride together to support Families
October 2nd, 2022

Celebrate Life! Walk-4-Life

Join us for fun, fellowship and food as we walk, run or bike in support of Legacy Family Ministries.

Jorgenson Park Pavillon Sunday, October 2nd 1pm-3:30pm

Working to heal, restore and strengthen vulnerable children, young adults and families in the Gunnison Valley through the transforming love of Jesus Christ.


  • Lighthouse Pregnancy Center   
  • Antora Youth Ranch         
  • Shining Lights/Parents Day Out     
  • LEAD Homeschool Enrichment 

How to get invloved

Fill out the registration form and mail it to Legacy Family Ministries PO Box 7103, Gunnison or drop it off in person at Lighthouse Pregnancy Center by Sept. 29th.  REMEMBER this is in support of our ministries so please consider a personal donation of at least $25/person or $35/family for the event.  Additionally, we would ask that you seek to find sponsors who would partner with you in raising funds for Legacy Family Ministries.

How to help raise funds

Remember you are not asking people to just sponsor you, you are asking them to help LFM to continue their ministries in our community.  Send friends and family a sponsor letter with a self-addressed envelope.  The letter can be downloaded below.  Donors can mail their sponsorships to Legacy Family Ministries PO Box 7103, Gunnison, CO 81230. They can also support walkers through PayPal below.

Our Services

Legacy Family Ministries strives to meet the needs in our Valley.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Center

Committed to bringing life affirming hope. Every person is loved, every life is valuable, and every circumstance is unique.

Antora Horse Ranch

A safe and authentic environment where children can be encouraged and inspired through mentorship, skill development and connection with animals.

Shining Lights/Parents Day Out

Committed to bringing loving Christian childcare to the Gunnison Valley.

LEAD Homeschool Enrichment

Empowering tomorrow's leaders through faith-based educational enrichment and service.