Antora Youth Ranch

Antora Youth Ranch FAQS

  • Do you provide transportation from Gunnison?

         At this time we do not provide transportation.

  • Do I have to stay on the ranch while my child has a session?

       No. Although if you choose to, you may watch your child from a distance, or take a hike on a nearby BLM trail, or just relax and soak in the peaceful scenery from our comfortable porch or picnic area. Whatever you do, we want your time on the ranch to be serene and rejuvenating.

  • Are siblings or friends allowed on the property during my child’s session?

       Yes. However they are to remain away from the session area and in your line of sight at all times. 

  • May my child’s therapist, mentor, or other responsible adult bring him/her?

       Yes. Parents may sign a release form allowing another adult to transport their child.

  • What off season activities does the program offer?

       We hope to host a monthly gathering of activities and games with the children in Gunnison during our ranch off season.

  • What is your protocol for keeping children safe, particularly around the horses? 

       All of our horses are well trained and fully inspected by our equine manager before each session. Any horse having an “off” day is returned to the barn. Each child is taught basic horse etiquette, is required to wear a ranch-issued helmet, only interacts with one horse, and is with his/her mentor at all times.